i've been informed that the latin still works in reverse.

Jul 26

my dad mostly grew up in wethersfield, connecticut but i’ve never been so it’s a real pleasure to experience the area through bravo’s Game of Crowns and imagine

"A student and her boyfriend were going away to college and had quite a few personal belongings to transport. The student drove in her car while her father and her boyfriend rode in the father’s van. About halfway to the college, the van suddenly swerved out of control and ran off the highway, ending up on its side in the center divider. When the student ran to the van, she discovered that her father was dead and that her boyfriend was injured, but not severely. Filled with grief, the student told her boyfriend, ‘I’m so sorry about this. I’ll make good on any losses you suffer because of this incident.’ The boyfriend brought an action against the student for several million dollars in damages. Which of the following is the best defense the student could assert against her boyfriend’s claim?"


Jul 20

Jul 19

daydreaming about the day after the bar: gonna stuff my face with tacos and whiskey and watch “Tammy” at a matinee showing. gonna uber myself there so that i don’t have to drive. omg. 

Jul 17

Welp my uncle (now aunt, I guess? She hasn’t specified, I’ve just been using her first name without the title for awhile) finally decided to change her name from a masculine one to a feminine one but she chose Renae and she’s spelling it like that.

bernie and i working on our night abs

bernie and i working on our night abs

Jul 16

listen i am probably going to wear something that bares my midriff at the reception and there’s nothing anyone can do about it 

my dog barfed on my birkenstocks and i deserved that

Jul 15

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