i've been informed that the latin still works in reverse.

Jul 20

Jul 19

daydreaming about the day after the bar: gonna stuff my face with tacos and whiskey and watch “Tammy” at a matinee showing. gonna uber myself there so that i don’t have to drive. omg. 

Jul 17

Welp my uncle (now aunt, I guess? She hasn’t specified, I’ve just been using her first name without the title for awhile) finally decided to change her name from a masculine one to a feminine one but she chose Renae and she’s spelling it like that.

bernie and i working on our night abs

bernie and i working on our night abs

Jul 16

listen i am probably going to wear something that bares my midriff at the reception and there’s nothing anyone can do about it 

my dog barfed on my birkenstocks and i deserved that

Jul 15

i think the sensory perception i’m going to most closely associate with bar exam studying is the taste of flat, day-old orange flavored La Croix. 

Jul 14

a girl from my high school announced her pregnancy to facebook yesterday and has tagged all five status updates since with #glowing

Jul 13

Ok look guys I understand cats eat meat and not grains but can you imagine a cat food being marketed as “gluten free” two years ago? It’s like how they label vodka that way now and I for one am standing up for something something

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