i've been informed that the latin still works in reverse.

Apr 14
Last phillies game until we move to barves territory

Last phillies game until we move to barves territory

i know it’s too easy to shit on the USPS because they are an antiquated system trying to do the best that they can with their last few breaths in this world but like my options for stamps for wedding invitations at my local branch are Charlton Heston OR Kwanzaa, in April?

Apr 11


when someone says “for your information” i make sure to put what they said in my information straight away. don’t want loose unsecured information flapping around causing a big mess.

i decided to use some of my ennui to free my dog of her winter coat and then i made a new dog

i decided to use some of my ennui to free my dog of her winter coat and then i made a new dog

Something about waiting in my ob/gyn’s lobby makes me really emotional and want to give everyone a hug?!?

Apr 10

i’m at a conference full of the heads of the various state health exchanges and everything is off the record which is frustrating because i am nerding my best health policy life right now and there are some zingers

like i am actually sad to not hear some hot insurance talk from the minnesota group because i have to go to class, BUT my class is hosting the senior ethicist from the catholic health association today and my professor is a former nun who left the nunhood (?) to open an abortion clinic in the 70s

basically i paid three years worth of tuition for this day

my job is paying for the move down to atlanta, which is amazing and i am definitely getting away with something, and which is how i ended up having the following conversation with the moving people who came to do a survey at 11am this morning in my pajamas:

"i’ve been told this is a VIP account?"

"do i look like a VIP?"

"that just means someone else is paying for it."

"oh. then yes, definitely."

Apr 9


"It breaks my heart to say this because I am usually 100% behind Tyra Colette re: life choices and skillz but the girl is no good at volleyball and no amount of creative editing can hide that."

"I had a nightmare about you last night."

this is so treacherous

guys the internet!!! hahaha i am like singing along to old nationals songs and going through old google docs, WOOOOO, it’s like 2010 is NOW. 




eating cheaply and healthily is so exhausting. i don’t even “do anything” all day and it still exhausts me. i just got on this kick but i give it 1 week before i break down and just start flinging money at hamburgers and cheesesteaks again. heaven help me when i actually start working. 

tonight i had rice, a fried egg, some sun dried tomato pieces and a little ricotta cheese mixed up together in a bowl?!?! what even is a “meal”

now I’m just picking out the tomato pieces

i think one of the primary reasons as to why I ~deleted my tumblr~ in 2011 was because it was harder to reblog myself at that time

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